MTG NFT: What I LIKE and What I DON'T LIKE About More Than Gamers NFT


The MTG NFT (More Than Gamers NFT) by Kirsh and @The Fortnite Guy dropping this calendar week! In this video, I tell you everything we know so far about this project, including who’s behind it, what I think about the art, how to get on the MTG NFT whitelist, and finally my own strategy with the MTG NFT project!

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Table of Comments:
0:00 More Than Gamers NFT
1:59 More Than Gamers squad (Kirsch and The Fortnite Guy)
3:47 Crazy Twitter Growth and Hype!
5:11 MTG NFT Art
7:40 MTG NFT Storyline and Tokens
nine:08 MTG NFT Roadmap
nine:17 MTG Battle Station Game
10:17 MTG NFT Merchandise
11:35 MTG NFT Gaming Events
12:00 MTG NFT Television Series
12:31 Other Roadmap Aspects
13:25 How to Buy MTG NFT (Presale and Public Sale)
15:17 How to Get on the MTG NFT Whitelist
17:12 3 Things I Like About MTG NFT
18:56 3 Things I Don’t Like About MTG NFT
21:10 My Personal MTG NFT Strategy

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